Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Retro Rubies and the start of something new

 So I have really bad at updating my blog, just noticed that it has nearly been a year since I put anything up.
I don't think I had too much to share but going over some of the posts I was reminded that I had completed my Retro Rubies quilt. I was quite pleased with the way the quilting came out. Was disappointed that after I put the binding on and washed it was really wavy. So I rewashed it and blocked it and that seemed to sort the ripples along the side out to a degree.

I donated this quilt to The Life Matters Foundation. They are holding a dinner on the 1st August to raise funds hope it does well and is appreciated by the person that receives it.

I hope to update my blog a little more often over the next couple of weeks.
One of the many reasons I haven't been updating my blog  is my participation in the Teacher's Training course. This is being run by the SAQG - South African Quilters Guild. I have been struggling to keep up with everything. Working full time, being on the GHQG and Creative Quilter's committee as well as finishing the practical and written assignments on time has given me little time for recreational sewing.

The "teacher's in training" have been asked to do a demonstration at our quarterly meeting on Saturday. I have decided to do preparing of applique shapes using tin foil. I can't remember where I came across this,  but thought is was a marvelous idea. The other part of my demonstration is to introduce our ladies to Quilt alongs which you can do via the internet. 
I am not sure how well it will be received but I think this would be the perfect opportunity to test the waters. We are trying to promote the art of quilting and I feel this is a different way of reaching people.

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